One of WHPARA’s aims is to help preserve the best features of local buildings and streets in the Conservation Area, which is protected by strict rules on building development and design. We have established a good working relationship with Islington’s Planning Department and we hope to ensure that local opinions and concerns get heard on any planning matter affecting our community.

Planning Queries

The answer to most planning queries can be found on Islington Council’s planning pages, but if you have no luck and think we might be able to help you can always email us.

Making A Planning Application

You can do this from the Planning section of the LBI website, which also offers advice and information.

Planning & Conservation Guidelines

If you want to know more about conservation area planning restrictions, see LBI’s CA7 document and their leaflet. We also have our own document outlining the planning restrictions for building works in the Conservation Area. General guidelines for local planning and development are outlined in the Islington Urban Design Guide.

Basement Development

In the same way as for above-ground development, there are policies to be taken into account when submitting a basement development proposal. Islington’s Basement Development SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) sets out detailed planning guidance for basement development in the borough.


The Council is committed to maintaining, protecting and increasing the tree population in the borough, and its objectives are set out in its Tree Policy document. Trees within the conservation area having a trunk diameter of 75mm at 1.5m above ground level or more require a conservation area notification to be submitted to the council’s planning department before pruning or removal.This must be in writing at least 6 weeks before you want to carry out the work. Failure to notify the council can result in enforcement action, even prosecution, of both the person undertaking the works and the person who instructed the works. There is an online form for contractors to complete. Obviously if your tree is of a smaller size than noted above there is no problem, but 75mm is not all that big! More details are on Islington Council’s ‘Trees in Conservation Areas’ page, and here’s a direct link to the online form.

Enforcement of Planning Regulations

Many of us in the conservation area are concerned from time to time that planning regulations are not strictly adhered to, if not completely flouted, and that it seems that little is done by Islington Council to enforce the regulations. If you think that a piece of building work does not comply, there is a complaint form available on the LBI website. It is worth checking the planning application first, which can also be done on their website.

Hillrise Ward Improvement Plan

You can download Islington’s Hillrise Ward Improvement Plan here.

Ashmount School Site

We have a page dedicated to material concerning the development of and issues surrounding the Ashmount School Site, which may be found here.