Hill House & Archway Mall


The 19th January Planning Committee meeting granted permission subject to the conditions, informatives and Section 106 legal agreement set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report.
Hill House Application for More Storeys
From Better Archway Forum:

Hill House, the larger of the blue and white office blocks in the middle of Archway, has already obtained planning permission to re-clad the block and create a second entrance from Archway Mall. But they are now applying again, this time wanting to add more storeys on top.

There was a public exhibition about this, but it was in July when many people were away. And while we have met this developer, our experience is that regardless of what we say, a meeting is presented in the planning application as approval of the scheme, so it does not appear that their consultations are of the 'listening' variety.

As for the application itself, it is not as though the one thing which would improve Archway is more tall buildings. Nor is this is a developer offering any improvement to the area. We are told their current efforts are providing the sort of flats where the cooker sits just a few feet from the sofabed, in spaces completely contrary to the requirements of planning legislation. However, as this is 'permitted development' conversion of housing from office space, the developers are free to do this.

If you would like to object please write to planning@islington.gov.uk before 6th November, quoting Hill House, 17 Highgate Hill, London, N19 5NA - P2015/3977/FUL. And copy also janet.burgess@islington.gov.uk, kaya.comerschwartz@islington.gov.uk, tim.nicholls@islington.gov.uk and david.poyser@islington.gov.uk.

Reasons could include:

  • Further blighting of public space - a taller building would create even more shadow than is already caused by Archway Tower.
  • The LB Islington Tall Buildings evidence base to inform Core Strategy 2010 concluded that ‘there are no locations where new tall buildings should be supported, other than possibly in the south of the borough’.
  • The architects' drawings show the usual lovely glow in an evening sky. But what it will look like on a wet Wednesday morning is another matter given the low standards inside.
  • Our understanding is that the properties are for private sale as soon as they are built so there is no incentive to produce anything which looks good for more than a year or two during the sales period.
And if you have other thoughts of your own, do add them. Planning likes to get lots of different comments, all leading to the same conclusion.
The planning application for the development of Hill House was approved with conditions on 19th November 2014. You can see the details of the planning application here.


Islington Planning Committee will be meeting in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Upper Street on 11 November 2014 at 7.30 pm. The agenda includes the planning application for the development of Hill House. Members of the public may attend, and you can download the details of the planning application here. There is a consultation document here.


Public consultation workshop held on 8th May 2014. Download.



A company called Bode has bought Hill House (the blue 60s building towering over the shopping area) and the Archway Mall (the desolate concrete area below). We met with them last week and learned that they intend to work first on the Tower converting it into around 140 units for sale (ranging from studios to 2-bed). They can do this under the recent legislation which allows commercial properties to be turned into residential, without having to meet the current planning requirements for new-build residential, nor having to provide any social housing. They say they are open to local views on what to do with the Mall (tho' development here needs to be in line with the Archway Development Plan and include, for example, a proper through connection to MacDonald Road)

They are holding a consultation event on Thursday 8th May, 5-8pm, 10th Floor Hill House. The entrance is via Highgate Hill - follow the bridge link. Go to www.hillhouse-archway.com for more info.