Gyratory Documents

Some documentation about the gyratory, presented in no particular order. Please send any documents that you think might be relevant to w-gyratory.
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Islington Council has collated a comprehensive list of queries, grumbles, observations and suggestions from local residents and groups following the completion of the gyratory works. These have been presented to TfL and you can see their responses in a handy spreadsheet. PDF.
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The latest letter circulated by TfL to nearby households and businesses, with a timetable of planned works. PDF.
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Kiat Phua, who has been campaigning to reinstate the right turn from St. John’s Way amongst other things, has sent us the documents she has received from TfL showing traffic counts on local roads. 23/2/16 ZIP file, containing 36 Excel documents & read me file. (1.7MB).
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In an email to local residents, TfL Customer Service Adviser David Goudge explains the rationale behind the bus stands, U-turns and no-right-turn. 3/2/16 PDF (57kB).
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n19air is a group of Archway residents campaigning for various changes to the gyratory plans, revolving around the issue of pollution. This is a synopsis of their meetings with other local organisations and their representations to TfL. 2/2/16 PDF (1.5MB).
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The plans for the gyratory, entitled “Archway: planned improvements February 2016 - Summer 2017”, sent out with the start of works letter at the beginning of the bus consultation period. 11/1/16 PDF (1.6MB).
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A leaflet sent out to addresses in N6 and N19 on 11/1/16 at the start of the bus consultation period. 11/1/16 PDF (70kB).
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Some tips from Better Archway Forum that might inspire you when completing the Bus Survey. 11/1/16 PDF (115kB).
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TfL’s presentation of the proposed project, ahead of their consultation in November 2014. 29/11/14 PDF (2.7MB)
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TfL’s plan, amended 3/11/14. PDF (1.1MB)
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Archway gyratory improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. Response to Consultation Published March 2015. PDF (1.3MB).
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Prompted by lobbying from the community, TfL produced this list of frequently asked questions and responses. 21/9/15 PDF (50kB).
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Possible rat runs resulting from the banned turns from St. John’s Way and Junction Road. 30/6/15 PDF
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An analysis by Save Archway Kids. 30/6/15 (3.9MB).
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An alternative to the no-right-turn by Save Archway Kids. 30/6/15 (5.1MB).
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Advice from Better Archway Forum on Lobbying for Improvements to the Archway Road Plan Contains useful links. 13/7/15 (94kB).
The following documents were sent in by Brad Duncan following a freedom of information request:
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Islington Council’s technical response to TfL’s public consultation. 13/1/15. (1.9MB)
Formal response to the consultation on the proposals to remove the gyratory at Archway in a letter from Councillor Claudia Webbe (LBI Executive Member for Environment and Transport) to Boris Johnson. 13/1/15 (182kB).
Various emails to LBI about bus stands (redacted). (550kB).
LBI/TfL letters about the bus stands (redacted). (1.6MB).
Emails to LBI on traffic counts (redacted). (3.9MB).
Design development of SDG42, analysis of bus times, traffic flow, etc. 11/4/14 (1.8MB).
Summary of TfL Traffic Counts: 13th – 20th November 2013. 19/3/14 (125kB).
Summary of TfL Traffic Counts in surrounding streets. 20/3/14 (54kB).