Archway Methodist Hall

Plans to convert the Archway Methodist Hall into an office block have been rejected by Islington Council. The application was submitted in December by architect firm White Arkitekter; the plan was to demolish the current building and erect a six-storey energy-efficient office block for "local businesses". Planners said the development would have result in an unjustified loss of community space and would cause substantial harm to the significance, character and appearance of the St John's Grove Conservation Area. The proposed height and uncharacteristic materials would also fail to preserve area's appearance. Better Archway Forum has submitted its own plans for an arts venue.


There are plans afoot to redevelop the former Archway Methodist Hall. There doesn’t appear to be a planning application yet but the proposals were outlined at a public exhibition on 28th March in the Girdlestone Community Centre. You can download the publicity boards and timeline, as well as some earlier documents, from our Documents page. There’s also an article in the Islington Gazette.