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We're no longer publishing detailed reports on planning applications, but will continue to publish any objections we make to planning applications, which are based on planning and conservation guidelines, and planning and enforcement news.

ENF/2018/367: 19 Miranda Road Planning Breach

This from Joseph McDonald of the Islington Planning Enforcement Team, regarding unauthorised replacement of wooden sash windows with uPVC:

This afternoon I undertook my initial site visit, to take photographs of the unauthorised windows to the ground and first floor of 19 Miranda Road, and to view the neighbouring ‘paired’ property so as to check the style of the original windows. Following my site visit, I have compiled an initial warning letter to the owner, and those with an interest in the property. This warning letter will be sent out in Monday’s post (due to the Town Hall collection times). I have set a 28 day deadline for compliance, to remove the unauthorised uPVC windows and reinstate the three over three timber sash windows, with one over one side lights to the ground floor window; this deadline will therefore be 3rd December 2018.”


23 Harberton Rd, N19. A large basement development on the north side of Harberton Road at the Archway Road end. The house is in multiple occupation, the owner wanting to add an extra flat by excavating below the house. There is no current basement apart from the coal hole. WHPARA objected on conservation and planning grounds. See our objection and the Council’s basement guidelines.


20/6/16 P2016/1949/FUL Comments until 15/2/17
Another variation of the plan to build a house in the back garden, land adjacent to west side of 1 Dresden Road. Erection of a 4 bed end of terraced dwelling, with associated private amenity space and boundary treatments. See the plans (2.2MB PDF).

Reconsultation based on amendments received concerning alterations to the rear ground floor, side elevation and rear dormer. Comments below from LBI Conservation office.
As advised at pre-application stage the house proposed to the gap between nos. 1 and 2 Dresden Road is considered unacceptable in principle. The proposals do not appear to have changed in design terms. No. 1 Dresden Road is locally listed and is important as one of the last surviving early Victorian houses on the Hornsey Lane ridge. This house was built before the neighbouring terrace, which the proposal will extend, and as such the remaining open space surrounding it is considered an important part of the character of the locally listed building, as well as the character of the wider conservation area. The space adjacent to no. 1 makes reference to the original setting of this building and contributes to the openness of the conservation area. As it is one of the last surviving houses of this style in the area it is important to maintain this relationship and setting. Any new development will also have an impact on the flank elevation and the fenestration pattern to this elevation as this elevation will no longer be visible from the street. There will also undoubtedly be an impact on the windows of no. 1 in terms of amenity.

The gap between nos. 1 and 2 Dresden Road should be maintained as this contributes to the character and openness of the conservation area and the setting of the locally listed building. The area between the two houses could be improved significantly with appropriate planting, removing the justification of improving this area by introducing a new house.

Design & Conservation Officer: Lucy Crone

Date: 09/08/16
Decision: Approved with conditions and legal agreement 15/05/17.
16/7/12 P121575
Construction of a single storey single dwelling house (three bedroom) over part of the rear garden of 1 Dresden Road.
Decision: Permission refused 18/9/12. Applicant appealed decision 8/3/13. Appeal dismissed 4/6/13.
22/7/12, updated 20/5/17

32 Fitzwarren Gardens

29/1/16 P2016/0128/FUL Comments until 1/4/16
Yet another variation. Partial demolition of roof and creation of new hipped roof with 2no. rear dormer windows, obscurely glazed rear terrace to create new loft floor (comprising bedroom and bathroom and small terrace) and new roof light on flank elevation facing No 34. Insertion of Partial demolition of garage and erection of single storey extension over remainder; partial over cladding with facing brickwork; creation of new front porch and internal reconfiguration of house.
Goes before Planning Sub Committee A on Tuesday, 12th April, 2016 7.30 pm.
Decision: Approved with conditions 13/4/16.
13/11/14 P2014/4487/FUL Comments until 11/12/14
Another variation on the previous application. Internal reconfiguration of two storey detached dwelling including part demolition of garage to create bike store and erection of a new roof to form new floor containing bedroom and bathroom. There is strong local opposition to the application, as you can see from the poster below.
Decision: Application refused 22/12/14
Stacks Image 12124
Opposition to the development, posted on trees and lampposts locally. Click to enlarge.
We received notification from residents that the Design & Access Statement supporting the planning application for 32 Fitzwarren Gardens implies that WHPARA has acted in support of the application, been instrumental in its development and acted as mediator between residents and developer. This is not the case. WHPARA, as a Residents’ Association, never actively supports or involves itself in planning applications, nor provides mediation. We seek to elicit and represent, where possible, the views of our members, and go through the proper Council channels if we deem a development to contravene Conservation Area or Planning guidelines. An email outlining these errors has been sent to the Council planning department.
9/7/14 P2014/2371/FUL
Demolition of garage projection to form bike store and two storey infill as part of proposed extension including flat roof to facilitate a new second floor (comprising bedroom and bathroom extension); partial overcladding of masonry with insulating render; roof terrace at ground floor and narrow balcony at rear second floor level; together with alterations to front hard standing to retain an on-plot car parking space as well as associated landscaping.

Application withdrawn 28/8/14
25/2/13 P2013/0487 Comments by 21/3/13

Erection of a glazed rear extension, roof extension incorporating glazed atrium to front and rear, and rear balcony, a first floor front/side extension, alterations to elevations, replacement boundary wall, alterations to hardstanding and erection of bin store and shed to side elevation.
WHPARA lodged an objection to this application.
Application refused 16/4/13
1/3/13, updated 3/3/16

30-32 Dresden Road

13/7/15 P2015/1314/FUL  Comments Until 6/8/15
Erection of a two storey dwelling to the rear of the site over basement. Similar to P2013/4213/FUL (below), but higher.
Decision: Permission refused 17/8/15
Reason: The proposed three storey dwelling (basement, ground and first floors) is considered to be excessively high, over dominant, out of scale and unduly prominent when seen form both the public and private realm. The proposed development would have a material harmful visual impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding conservation area. It is therefore considered to be contrary to policy CS9 of the Core Strategy 2011, policies DM2.1 and DM2.3 of the Development Management policies 2013, Conservation Area Guidelines (Whitehall Park) 2002, and Islington Urban Design Guidelines 2006.
Applicant Appealed: Appeal reference: APP/V5570/W/15/3141207. Appeal start date: 22/12/15. All representations must be received by 9 April 2016. Any representations submitted after the deadline will not usually be considered and will be returned.
The development has created much local opposition and objections and a petition have been organised. Below is an email from WHPARA member Philip Lewis:
Dear All

I’m sure you’ll have received a letter notifying you of the proposed development in backland garden area behind the flats at 30-32 Dresden Road (ref. P2015/1314/FUL). This is a new application following on from the proposal that received planning permission last year. The BIG difference is that they are now proposing an additional floor - 2.5m higher. This means if you live nearby (Dresden rd/Ashmount Rd) you will be overlooked and be visually impacted by the proposed development. It also sets a precedent for future backland development, effectively opening the door to development in rear gardens. I have attached an image that our neighbour Tim Hall created which illustrates the proposal.

It is up to us to oppose this, either via Islington’s planning website or by signing the petition, which is on the door of Becky’s corner shop.

I have also attached a copy of the objection that Tim and Helen Hall issued last week. Tim is happy for people to use this as a template. The deadline for objections is 6th August so we really do need to act promptly.
WHPARA lodged an objection to this application on 6/8/15.

Permission Refused 17/8/15
12/9/14 P2014/2877/TRE  Comments Until 8/8/14
Tree works to two Poplars.

Approved with conditions 12/9/14
29/11/13 P2013/4213/FUL Comments Until 02-01-2014
Erection of a two storey dwelling to rear of 30-32 Dresden Road on existing hard-standing with additional basement.

Approved with conditions and legal agreement  28/8/14
2/8/13 P2013/2296/FUL
Proposal to erect two storey dwelling to rear of 30 - 32 Dresden Road on existing hard-standing with additional basement.

Withdrawn after objections
4/9/12 P120769
Proposal to erect two storey dwelling to rear of 30 - 32 Dresden Road on existing hard-standing with additional basement.

Withdrawn after objections
24/9/12, updated 23/12/15

Ashmount Close Housing

17/8/15 P2015/2913/FUL  Comments Until 10/9/15 - Approved with conditions and legal agreement 19/2/16
24/5/16 P2016/1932/AOD (Approval of Details)  Comments Until 14/6/16
P2016/1826/AOD (Approval of Details)  Comments Until 21/6/16
Decision: A motion was passed to add conditions requiring further detailed modelling work to be conducted on the design of the Ashmount Road elevation and to require the contractors to engage with the school so that construction could go ahead and not affect the children’s learning. Planning permission was granted subject to the conditions set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report as amended by the addendum report and the conditions set out above, the wording of which was delegated to officers; plus the prior completion of a Deed of Planning Obligation.
The demolition of the existing buildings on the southern part of the Former Ashmount School site and the erection of 46 residential units in three blocks with associated landscaping. Details and background on the Ashmount Close page.

The application went before Islington’s planning committee on 19th January.
22/8/15, updated 3/2/16

55 Whitehall Park

1/2/16 P2015/2913/FUL  Comments Until 22/2/16
Approval of details.
19/6/15 P2015/2281/FUL  Comments Until 16/7/15
Decision: Approved 21/9/15
Erection of new-build, 3 bedroom single family dwelling house accommodated over 3 levels including provision of private amenity space and associated refuse and cycle storage facilities in the rear garden of 55 Whitehall Park, which fronts Fitzwarren Gardens. Removal of the existing boundary fence which fronts onto the existing pavement facing the roadway to Fitzwarren gardens. The removal of existing tree(s) is also proposed together with replacement tree and shrub planting.

Note: WHPARA has discussed this application with the Planning Officer, who has agreed to extend the period for comments until 13 August. Email him at joe.aggar@islington.gov.uk and copy it to planning@islington.gov.uk.

The application went before Planning Subcommittee B onThursday, 3rd September, 2015 but was withdrawn from the agenda due to problems with electronic invitations to the Planning Committee, the bank holiday weekend and the Council’s commitment to giving 5 working days notice. It was rescheduled for Planning Subcommittee A on 21st September 2015, where the Committee unanimously decided (with one abstention) to approve the application.
A group of residents from Fitzwarren Gardens and Whitehall Park, who oppose the development, are presenting a group objection at the Planning Meeting on 3rd September (details above). Click below to see what they have to say.
24/6/15, updated 2/2/16

Hill House

29/1/15 P2015/3977/FUL  Comments Until 29/9/15
Decision: Planning permission granted subject to the conditions, informatives and Section 106 legal agreement set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report.
Re-cladding of existing building; creation of a new residential entrance in eastern facade; erection of a ground floor front extension and reconfiguration of existing retail floorspace; installation of new shops fronts; erection of a wind canopy and landscaping; creation of roof terraces above the plinth; erection of a two storey extension to the tower to create 9 self-contained dwellings and rooftop terraces; and creation of a 2 storey refuse/recycling facilities and cycle store in undercroft of west elevation.

The application went before Islington’s planning committee on 19th January 2016.
Better Archway Forum write:

There was a public exhibition about this, but it was in July when many people were away. And while we have met this developer, our experience is that regardless of what we say, a meeting is presented in the planning application as approval of the scheme, so it does not appear that their consultations are of the ‘listening’ variety. As for the application itself, it is not as though the one thing which would improve Archway is more tall buildings. Nor is this is a developer offering any improvement to the area. We are told their current efforts are providing the sort of flats where the cooker sits just a few feet from the sofabed, in spaces completely contrary to the requirements of planning legislation. However, as this is ‘permitted development’ conversion of housing from office space, the developers are free to do this.

If you would like to object please write to planning@islington.gov.uk before 6th November, quoting Hill House, 17 Highgate Hill, London, N19 5NA - P2015/3977/FUL. And copy also janet.burgess@islington.gov.uk, kaya.comerschwartz@islington.gov.uk, tim.nicholls@islington.gov.uk and david.poyser@islington.gov.uk.

Reasons could include:

  • Further blighting of public space - a taller building would create even more shadow than is already caused by Archway Tower.
  • The LB Islington Tall Buildings evidence base to inform Core Strategy 2010 concluded that ‘there are no locations where new tall buildings should be supported, other than possibly in the south of the borough’.
  • The architects’ drawings show the usual lovely glow in an evening sky. But what it will look like on a wet Wednesday morning is another matter given the low standards inside.
  • Our understanding is that the properties are for private sale as soon as they are built so there is no incentive to produce anything which looks good for more than a year or two during the sales period.
And if you have other thoughts of your own, do add them. Planning likes to get lots of different comments, all leading to the same conclusion.
5/2/15, updated 3/2/16

Hornsey Lane Bridge

29/1/15 P2014/5019/LBC  Comments Until 29/9/15
Decision: That permission be granted subject to the conditions in the report. See minutes of meeting.
Revised Design
The redesigned panels will be placed on the bridge itself for viewing on the 19th February 2016 at 10am.

During the construction of the panel two changes have had to be made, firstly to the thickness of the rods and secondly by adding a cross member to increase the structural robustness, but essentially it looks little different from the plans submitted. There are 3 revised drawings all dated 28/07/15, which are available on Islington’s planning website.
Listed Building Consent application in connection with proposed anti suicide measures by installation of fencing to bridge parapet. A revised design aimed at deterring suicides on Archway Bridge is being presented to LBI on Thursday 8th October, with a recommendation for approval. If you want to show support, or raise concerns, you should email planning@islington.gov.uk quoting P2014/5019/LBC before the 8th. Download the planning committee report. For a background on the bridge visit our Development page.
5/2/15, udated 3/2/16

Whitehall Park School

8/6/15 P2015/1089/FUL  Comments Until 18/6/15
Decision: Approved with conditions 13/10/15. See minutes of meeting.
Demolition of the existing former Ashmount Primary School building and erection of a new 3 storey, flat roofed school building to accommodate Whitehall ParkSchool, including ancillary play space. The application goes before the Planning Committee on 13th October. Download the Planning Committee Report.

There is a separate application for the housing development, P2015/2913/FUL.
10/6/15, updated 27/10/15

57 Gladsmuir Road

13/10/14 P2014/3806/FUL Comments Until 6/11/14
Alterations at roof level comprising of installation of solar panels and associated safety balustrade including installation of a replacement rooflight.
Permission refused 14/11/14
24/4/14 P120887 Comments Until 7/6/14
Replacement of existing glazed roof at rear ground floor level with larger glazed conservatory structure, changes to first floor windows in the rear side elevation, insertion of new rear dormer window rear at second floor level to provide access to terrace on existing flat roof structure and new external spiral staircase to provide access to new terrace on existing main roof structure.
Application withdrawn 7/6/14
1/5/14, updated 16/11/14

15 Whitehall Park (Top Floor Flat)

27/8/14 P2014/2775/FUL Comments Until 25/9/14
Erection of roof extension in the form of mansard style extension to create a third floor bedroom in associated with existing top floor flat.
WHPARA considered that the large rooftop window, which effectively constitutes an extra floor, contravenes Conservation Area guidelines and so lodged an objection.
Application withdrawn 9/10/14
2/9/14, updated 14/10/14

33 Fitzwarren Gardens

31/3/14 P2014/1037/FUL
Erection a roof extension resulting in a new gable-end wall and enlargement of a rear dormer. Many local residents objected on the ground that it was out of character and detrimental to the Conservation Area.
WHPARA lodged an objection on 17/4/14.
Application refused 13/5/14.
Appeal lodged 21/8/14.
Appeal dismissed 6/3/15.
2/4/14, updated 1/9/14

Thomas Brothers, Holloway Road

26/6/14 P2014/2101/FUL Comments Until 17/7/14
Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of the site to provide a four storey mixed use building comprising 345 m2 A1 retail floors pace at ground floor and no.9 (C3) residential units at first second and third floors (4x 1 beds, 4x 2 beds, 1x 3 bed), with associated amenity space and cycle storage.

Withdrawn 5/8/2014
1/7/14, updated 10/8/14

1 Whitehall Park

The Council upheld WHPARA’s objection to allow a car park on site (APP No 11148) and refused the owner’s appeal; we raised no objection to the application for single storey rear extension, replacing the garage with hard standing and alterations to the front and existing side boundaries; therefore approval will be granted. (24/11/11).

Several local residents have since complained to us and the Council about the fence that has been erected at the property and other building works. One of our members who made an individual complaint to the Council was assured by Andrew Stuart, the LBI Planning Enforcement Officer, that the situation was in hand.

After having  visited the property Andrew Stuart concluded that the fencing is not in accordance with the planning permission. He had also consulted with a conservation officer, who would not grant permission for the type of fencing erected, or the height, due to the harm caused to the Conservation Area. The owner has been asked to rectify the breach of planning control by removing the horizontally laid fencing and replacing it with closed feather board fencing as approved in the planning permission, and to reinstate fencing on the Archway Road elevation no higher than two metres from from garden level. (19/7/12).

Notice to comply was served on 30th January 2013, since then the owner has appealed the decision. (12/3/13). The inspector recommended certain conditions regarding the fence and planting. P2013/4334/AOD approval of details reserved by condition 1 (Landscaping and Maintenance) of Planning permission E12/06354 (approved at appeal ref: APP/V5570/C/13/2193708) dated 10/9/13.

Approved with no conditions 8/1/14
15/10/11, updated 3/5/13

6 Gladsmuir Road

After Sean had contacted the enforcement officer photographic records confirmed that the replaced garden front walls were in contravention of the Conservation Area guidelines. No planning application had been lodged. (24/11/11).

Despite the fact that Islington Council admits the breach of planning regulations they have taken no action to enforce them. Sean is to meet with officers from the planning department to discuss the matter. (27/6/12).
24/11/11, updated 27/6/12