Boundary Changes Update

The Boundary Commission, in making changes to local ward boundaries, would have had the Whitehall Park Conservation Area (CA7), currently entirely in Hillside Ward, divided in two, the Shakespeare Roads to be included in Junction Ward. WHPARA submitted a robust opposition to this in the consultation process, and the commission has now relented; the Shakespeare Roads will stay in Hillrise Ward, but the Miranda estate will become part of Junction Ward as it’s not in the Conservation Area. Further information here.

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Archway Bridge Appeal

The work is now complete and the safety measures in place. The Highgate Society, whose alternative design was rejected, has appealed the decision. More details on the Highgate Society website. To support the appeal use the online facility, closing date 11th February 2020.

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Archway Tavern

The Archway Tavern pub was touted to reopen on May 18th 2019, ending a long-running campaign to bring it back into use. That appears to be wishful thinking; as of February 2020 it is still not open. See article in the Islington Gazette.

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Methodist Hall

Controversial plans to convert the old Archway Methodist Hall into an office block have been rejected by Islington. See article in the Islington Gazette and our Development pages.

Methodist Hall


Sunday Socials

The Sunday Socials at Sunnyside Gardens include plant sales, bicycle repairs, craft activities, cake stall and a chance to meet your neighbours. What’s not to like? First Sunday of every month, 1-4pm, Sunnyside Gardens. See flyer.

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Cuppa with a Copper

“Cuppa with a Copper” is an opportunity to meet and discuss issues with our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team. Check the Hillrise SNT website for dates and venue.

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Happening in Archway

Islington Life’s website with news of upcoming events in Archway. See here.

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Activities at St. Andrew’s

Dads & Kids drop-in, Zumba classes for all ages, badminton and more. Details on their newly-updated website.

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Islington Events Diary

Find events and activities taking place across Islington - sports, music, games, keep fit, community events, and much more. You can also add your own events for free. See their website.

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Articles that are time-expired but might still be of relevance can be found on the NEWS ARCHIVE page.

Who We Are

WHPARA is a Residents Association covering the CA7 Whitehall Park Conservation Area of North Islington. It is run voluntarily by a small group of local residents. More details.


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