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Updated 11/5/18


WHPARA is a voluntary group of residents of Islington’s CA7 Whitehall Park Conservation Area. The Association was set up in 1999 and our committee meets regularly to discuss issues of local importance.

We hope to represent the interests of residents of the Conservation Area in matters that affect us all, such as planning, conservation and the environment. We liaise with local bodies, Islington Council and the police with the aim of making our area a safer, friendlier and more vibrant community, whilst conserving its best features. We organise occasional events and hope to encourage a spirit of involvement. The more members we have the better able we are to represent local opinion and circulate information, so why not join us now? Membership is free, so if you would like to be added to our mailing list, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is a forum for local news and information, communication between residents, recommendations, sharing and other fun things. It replaces the website forums, blog and local traders list, which are seldom used and, in the case of the latter, difficult to keep current and accurate. To join up go to facebook.com/groups/whitehallpark/ or click the Facebook icon at the top of this page.

Our Committee

Dorothy Leng - Chair

Dorothy joined us in October 2010 as our treasurer, and took over as chair in May 2012. w-chair.

Michael Heath - Website

Committee member since January 2010. Our website designer and manager, membership secretary and communications person. w-web-enq.

Deborah Blackman - Secretary

Long-time resident and WHPARA member, Deborah joined the committee as secretary in 2016.

David Seton

Long-time WHPARA Committee member, famed for his local history walks and our History Page.

David Poyser

One of our three Hillrise Ward Councillors, joined the committee at the 2015 AGM. Email David (LBI).

Gloria Chandra

Gloria is active in many local events, notably the night shelter at St. Andrew’s Church. in 2012 she stood down as chair after serving the committee in that capacity for three years.

Kay Foster

Tony Wylam

Join the Committee!

Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Who We Are

WHPARA is a Residents Association covering the CA7 Whitehall Park Conservation Area of North Islington. It is run voluntarily by a small group of local residents. More details.


Membership is free so if you would like to be added to our mailing list, please subscribe to receive occasional newsletters, notice of events and a vote at the AGM.

Contact Us

For all enquiries email: info@whpara.org.uk

Subscribe to Mailing List