This is an archive of some of the news items and links that have appeared previously on the homepage, and which might still be considered useful. They are arranged roughly in reverse chronological order.


Development in Sunnyside Road

An application has been made to develop the car wash and garage in Sunnyside Road for a block of flats and refurbishment of the listed Georgian coach house for commercial use. See application application P2020/2232/FUL, comments until 4th October 2020.

Sunnyside Road development


Archway Tavern Reopens!

It appears that the Archway Tavern has reopened after its 6-year closure saga. The landmark local has had a makeover – and could soon open at 7am to welcome home workers. See article in the Islington Gazette.

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Boundary Changes Update

The Boundary Commission, in making changes to local ward boundaries, would have had the Whitehall Park Conservation Area (CA7), currently entirely in Hillside Ward, divided in two, the Shakespeare Roads to be included in Junction Ward. WHPARA submitted a robust opposition to this in the consultation process, and the commission has now relented; the Shakespeare Roads will stay in Hillrise Ward, but the Miranda estate will become part of Junction Ward as it’s not in the Conservation Area. Further information here.

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Archway Bridge Appeal

The work is now complete and the safety measures in place. The Highgate Society, whose alternative design was rejected, has appealed the decision. More details on the Highgate Society website. To support the appeal use the online facility, closing date 11th February 2020.

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Archway Tavern

The Archway Tavern pub was touted to reopen on May 18th 2019, ending a long-running campaign to bring it back into use. That appears to be wishful thinking; as of February 2020 it is still not open. See article in the Islington Gazette.

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Methodist Hall

Controversial plans to convert the old Archway Methodist Hall into an office block have been rejected by Islington. See article in the Islington Gazette and our Development pages.

Methodist Hall


Boundary Changes

The Boundary Commission is making changes to local ward boundaries; in its wisdom the Whitehall Park Conservation Area (CA7), currently entirely in Hillside Ward, will be divided in two, the Shakespeare Roads to be included in Junction Ward. The consultation process closed on October 7th 2019. Further information here.

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Archway Bridge

The work is now complete and the safety measures in place. Though recognising the need for prevention of suicides, the many ensuing social media comments almost unanimously condemn the brutalist design of the structure and the loss of a local feature that was a pleasure to many. See Bridge page.

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Archway Bridge

Work will begin on Monday 10th June 2019 to erect anti-suicide measures on the bridge, the main element being the erection of 3m high fences in front of the existing parapets. The work will be carried out 24 hours a day and should be completed in three weeks. Round-the-clock work is required for site security, to mitigate against the use of the work for attempt suicides and to coordinate lane closures on Archway Road, with noisy operations completed by 11pm. The work will take place on one side at a time, pedestrians being diverted to the opposite side and single file traffic being controlled by temporary lights. A letter has apparently been distributed to residents on Hornsey Lane and adjacent side roads. More info on our Bridge page, and you can read reports from the Highgate Society and a history of the bridge prepared for TfL.

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Archway Bridge

The application made by the Highgate Society (P2018/4231/LBC and HGY/2019/0424) has been refused by Islington Council. The refusal was made following comments by the Police that the proposed design would fail to prevent people from climbing the fence and reaching the parapet of the bridge. However, Haringey Council has obtained planning consent to install suicide prevention measures on the bridge, and work on the installation of these measures will start on 11 June 2019. More info on our Bridge page, and you can read reports from the Highgate Society and a history of the bridge prepared for TfL.

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Archway Bridge

The anti-suicide measures have been agreed and should be installed in the summer of 2019. Details are on our Bridge page, and you can also read reports from the Highgate Society and a history of the bridge prepared for TfL.

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Next Police Meeting

The next Police Ward Panel Meeting will be on Wednesday 21st November at 7.00pm in St. Andrew’s Church. A detailed document of Hillrise crime statistics 2015-2018 can be downloaded here, and there’s some info on the Hillrise SNT site.

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50 Years Of Conservation

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This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the designation of the first two Conservation Areas in Islington. To celebrate, Alec Forshaw, author and former Islington Conservation Officer, will be giving a talk on how this came about and what it means for the borough today. Tuesday, 18th September 2018 at Islington Town Hall, 7.30pm. More details.

Latest Anti-Suicide Measures

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A meeting has been arranged with Emma Williamson (Head of Planning) and Dana Rasheed (Project Manager) in order for them to explain the current state of play of the planning permissions, the development of the design, and the need for an extension of the currently permitted fencing to protect the brick walls on both sides of the two ends of the bridge. The meeting will be at 4pm on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at River Park House (room to be notified). River Park House is on the corner opposite Wood Green tube station. More details on our Bridge page, and there’s an article in the Islington Gazette.

Latest Anti-Suicide Measures

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There are now plans to add extra panels to the plinths and edges of the bridge so that potential suicides can’t climb over at these points, so Listed Building Consent is now required. The application (P2018/1482/LBC) was registered on 9/5/18, comments until 7/6/18. More info on our Bridge page.


Stacks Image 1495419
Capuchino is the name of the new cafe in Cressida Road - it’s not a misspelling, but a play on the chemical formula for caffeine. The cafe has proved popular so far and, as well as offering friendly service, good coffee and snacks, books and games, there are also plants for sale. In the picture (click to enlarge) are the owner, Csaba, his mother, and our illustrious chair, Dorothy. A welcome addition to the neighbourhood and well worth a visit.

Ward Partnership Meeting

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There were about thirty people in attendance at the Hillrise Ward Partnership meeting on 21st March. On the agenda were future Archway developments and crime and safety, on which there was a lively and impassioned discussion. You can download the minutes here.

Latest Anti-Suicide Measures

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Yet another test panel has been produced and was tested in situ on the morning of Thursday 4th January 2018. Once again, councillors and local and community groups were not notified.The proposed fence will have a major effect on the appearance of the bridge, and there will be an application to discharge the listed building consent by the planning committees of both Haringey and Islington. Pictures will be posted if we can find any, please let us know if you have any! More info on our Bridge page.

Methodist Hall Development

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There are plans afoot to redevelop the former Archway Methodist Hall. There doesn't appear to be a planning application yet but the proposals can be seen at a public exhibition at 3.00-7.30pm on 28th March in the Girdlestone Community Centre, Under 151 Salisbury Walk, N19 5DX. See poster, more details when available. There’s also an article in the Islington Gazette, and some documents from an earlier (2014) proposal can be found on our Documents page.

Hillrise SNT

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Thanks to PC Mick Murray, who has now retired from Hillrise SNT, for his years of service. Our Safer Neighbourhoods team is headed by Inspector Steve Murfin, full details on their website. See also our Community Safety page and Camden & Islington’s latest newsletter.

Feedback from PC Murray

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Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting on 22nd November. There were about 30 attendees, but unfortunately PC Mick Murray had to cancel due to a serious incident in Sunnyside Road. There was a lively discussion with several people sharing their own experiences, and we subsequently presented a list of questions and concerns to PC Murray for comment. He has since replied, and you can download our summary of his responses here. It also contains some local policing statistics, and you might be interested in the House of Commons briefing paper Police Service Strength, to which he refers.

Latest Anti-Suicide Measures

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It turned out that it was possible for a person to climb through the previous test panel (17th September), so yet another one has been produced. We believe it is being tested in situ on the morning of Tuesday 21st November and, provided that it’s not possible to climb through it, will be signed off for manufacture and installation. See Bridge page for info.

Living Advent Calendar

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Amy Pollard is again orchestrating this popular event, which kicked off at 25 Cressida Road on Friday 1st December. A new window will be revealed each night and stay illuminated until Twelfth Night on January 5th. You can download the flyer with dates and locations, and pictures will be appearing on the dedicated Facebook group. There are some pictures from previous years’ events on our Reviews page.

Community Safety Meeting

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Thanks to everyone who came to Wednesday’s meeting. There were about 30 attendees but, to our surprise, none was from the Police. PC Mick Murray has since been in touch to apologise; apparently an incident earlier that day in Elthorne Park, of which details might follow, was responsible. There was a lively discussion with some people sharing their own experiences of theft, and a list of questions and concerns, which we will be presenting to the Police in due course, was compiled. It was mentioned that the pair responsible for the Bread And Beans robbery had been apprehended (Met Police News). Local resident Tanith Carey also has an article in The Mail. We’ll be circulating feedback from the meeting in due course, so watch this space and make sure that you’re on our mailing list.

Archway Campus

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PR company Newington Communications held two public exhibition days (4.00pm–8.00pm, Friday 7 July and 11.00am–3.00pm, Saturday 8 July 2017 in the Whittington Education Centre) to present the plans of Peabody’s proposed regeneration of the Archway Campus. See our Archway Campus page and the Peabody website.

Community Safety Meeting

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The Archway area has seen a dramatic increase recently in moped-facilitated crime, notably the attacks on Bread and Bean café and Gail’s in Highgate. In view of this WHPARA has organised a public meeting at which PC Mick Murray (who leads the Hillrise Safer Neighbourhood Team) will give a talk and answer questions. Wednesday 22nd November, 7.15pm in St. Andrew’s Church, Whitehall Park, N19. Refreshments will be available and the meeting will end around 9pm. All are welcome, so please spread the word to your neighbours! We have a poster if you would like to print and display it.

Latest Anti-Suicide Measures

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The latest design of the anti-suicide fence for Hornsey Lane Bridge was showcased on 7th September 2017. No further details yet as Islington Councillors and local groups were not informed of the event. See our Bridge page for pictures.

History Walk

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Last Saturday David Seton reprised his very popular ‘History of our Streets’ walk, on which he shared his latest research on the developments, people and events that shaped our area. More details and pictures on our Reviews Page.

Archway Park

Archway Park opening
Archway Park will reopen to the public on 30th September and to celebrate there will be an official opening by the Mayor of Islington. There will be fun activities for the children to enjoy like juggling, face painting and multi-sport ball games by Access to Sport. Saturday 30th September 2017, 1pm to 3pm. See flyer for details.

Hillrise Summer Festival

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Pictures from this year’s festival on the Reviews Page.

Archway Bridge Potest

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Labour councillors, vicars, residents, staff from the Whittington Hospital and others staged a protest on Archway Bridge on 20th July 2017 to demand an end to TfL’s delays in installing suicide prevention barriers. See our Bridge page for more details.

Gyratory Q&A

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Islington Council has collated a comprehensive list of queries, grumbles, observations and suggestions from local residents and groups following the completion of the gyratory works. These have been presented to TfL and you can see their responses by downloading the spreadsheet (PDF).

Archway Campus

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PR company Newington Communications will be holding two public exhibition days in July to present the plans of Peabody’s proposed ‘regeneration’ of the Archway Campus site (the Victorian buildings between Archway Road and Highgate Hill). These will be take place from 4.00pm–8.00pm on Friday 7 July and 11.00am–3.00pm on Saturday 8 July 2017 in the Whittington Education Centre, Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, London, N19 5NF.

Archway Park

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You may recall that work was delayed because the electric supply to the park shelter needed to be disconnected prior to its demolition. Islington now report that UK Power Network (UKPN) have given a disconnection date of 2nd March, and once this has been completed work will resume. LBI advise that due to the complexity of the work and the extent of the earthworks, the anticipated completion date will not be until the Summer. See the plans.

Despard Road

Stacks Image 1495045
Several consequences of the gyratory makeover have proved contentious, including the removal of the loading bay outside the Charlotte Despard pub in Archway Road. TfL are now proposing a replacement bay in Despard Road (the recently paved area where the underpass used to emerge) with egress onto Archway Road and loss of some parking spaces. There is a survey to elicit public response, but hurry if you want to comment as it closes on 10th March. Although TfL is conducting this consultation, Islington Council is the Highway Authority for Despard Road and will be responsible for final decisions affecting the proposals. Details are on the TfL website, and there is more information on our Gyratory page. And here is a direct link to the survey.

Holloway Road Closures

Stacks Image 1495005
Holloway Road will be closed in both directions between Fairbridge Road and Wedmore Gardens from 24th December to January 16th. Details on TfL’s website.

Two-Way Archway

Stacks Image 1495015
Work on the gyratory is nearing completion and the two-way system is operational; let us know if you encounter any problems. Details of the new traffic flow here. For news and updates see our Gyratory Page.
2/12/16 | 19/12/16

Bus Consultation Meeting

Stacks Image 1494975
On December 1st TfL eventually published the results of the bus survey that took place back in January and, despite very substantial opposition, they have chosen to ignore the results and go ahead with their proposals. Implementation begins on December 6th, when the bus stands on Archway Road become operational. A meeting, jointly arranged by Better Archway Forum, Archway Early Years Parents, WHPARA and the Highgate Society, was held on Monday 12th December to discuss the way forward. Details are on our Gyratory Page. There is also an article in the Islington Gazette and Kate Calvert’s piece in the Tribune.
5/12/16 | 13/12/16

Bus Consultation Results

Stacks Image 1494935
On December 1st TfL eventually published the results of the survey that took place back in January. Despite substantial opposition they have chosen to ignore the results and go ahead with their proposals, to be implemented on December 6th (details on our Gyratory Page).

Living Advent Calendar

Stacks Image 1494985
Once again Amy Pollard is orchestrating this popular event, which kicked off at 25 Cressida Road on 1st December. A new window will be revealed each night and stay illuminated until Twelfth Night on January 5th. You can download the flyer with dates and locations, and there’s a review of last year’s event on our Reviews page.
13/9/16 | 2/12/16

Holloway Road Closures

Stacks Image 1494955
TfL is about to move the utilities at Upper Holloway railway bridge, and there will be road closures between Fairbridge Road and Wedmore Gardens from 21st October. Council leader Richard Watts tweets “This is astonishing incompetence from TfL. Total lack of local consultation. Claudia Webbe and I [are] still seeing if anything can be done”. Details on TfL’s website, and articles in the Islington Gazette and Evening Standard.

Archway Park

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After some delay, the contract has now been signed and the improvement works on Archway Park should begin on October 31st 2016, with a planned construction period of 14 weeks. During the works the ball court and play area will be closed to the public. Before works begin appropriate posters and notices will be displayed at the park entrances. See the plans.
22/9/16 | 23/10/16

Parkland Walk Reprieve

Stacks Image 1494925
Haringey Council has announced that it will keep its historic covenants and not allow motorised vehicles to cross the nature trail in order to access a development in Parkland Walk. See story in Ham & High. Background on Archive Page.

Judicial Review Refused

Stacks Image 1494905
The Judicial Review request submitted by Brad Duncan and other residents has been refused by the High Court. Read more on the Gyratory Page and see the High Court Notification.

Parkland Walk Approval

Stacks Image 1494896
Despite immense opposition, the application to conduct construction work using Parkland Walk as access for earth moving equipment and other heavy vehicles has been approved. Read the letter, or visit the Haringey Council Planning Services Portal. However, the petition is still active, and you can sign it here.
29/3/16 | 27/5/16

NUT Questions Bellevue Investment

Stacks Image 365109
Bellevue Education have recently been mentioned in investigations concerning investment improprieties, with articles in the Sunday Times and the Sarawak Report. The NUT has since written a letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan asking for an enquiry. You can read it here and download the NUT dossier. Whitehall Park School is run and maintained by Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET), which was established as a joint venture between Bellevue Education and the education consultancy Place Group. There is an informative article on the Schoolsweek website and a mention in The Guardian.
11/4/16 | 13/5/16

Hill House Consultation

Stacks Image 1464550
As you will know, work is underway at Hill House to convert the building into residential use, re-cladding it and adding an extra two storeys. The developers are staging a “consultation event” to provide an overview of their plans on Friday 17th June, 3.30 - 7.30pm and Saturday 18th June, 11am - 2pm, in the former Cheque Converters shop in Archway Mall. See their leaflet.

Bus Stands

Stacks Image 1464325
Brad Duncan and other residents have applied for a Judicial Review in respect of TfL’s siting of bus stands. Read more on the Gyratory Page. There are also articles in the Islington Tribune and Islington Gazette. Meanwhile, TfL say the results of the consultation will be published in July, and there are hints that they might consider rerouting some of the buses. Watch this space.
26/3/16 | 10/5/16

Parkland Walk Construction

Stacks Image 1422041
There is a new application to conduct construction work using Parkland Walk as access for earth moving equipment and other heavy vehicles. All those who value the tranquillity of Parkland Walk might want to read this and object to the planning application (preferably by April 5th). Objections can be submitted via the Haringey Council Planning Services Portal. Read Friends of Parkland Walk’s objection. There is also a petition against the application. Even Jeremy Corbyn has lent his name to the objections (see here).

TfL Traffic Counts

Stacks Image 340617
TfL has published the results of traffic counts, taken last December, in local roads. Thanks to Kiat Phua for obtaining them and sending them to us. You can download them here. More on the Gyratory page.

Collision Data

Stacks Image 340587
Last week TfL launched its London Collision Map, showing road collision data of all types going back to 2005. Unfortunately the most recent data seem to be from 2014, but it might be interesting in the light of current road developments in our area.

Trees To Go

Stacks Image 340557
To enable LBI to create the new play area in Archway Park, the Tree Team will be removing approximately 29 trees. The work will begin on Monday 14th March. See Plans, or you can email Jenifer Baker (Projects & Development Officer.

Hornsey Lane Bridge

Stacks Image 340527
A redesigned anti-suicide panel was placed on the bridge for viewing on Friday19th February, attracting unanimous and vociferous condemnation from passersby. The panels require a further minor modification, and will be installed along the length of the bridge in the near future. Enjoy the bridge while you still can, its architectural finery will soon be obliterated. See Planning Application and Development pages.
6/2/16 | 22/2/16

“It’s Social Cleansing”

Stacks Image 229918
A 500-strong Islington Assembly Hall audience was urged to ‘get your neighbours out’ on the march to protest the housing bill. The march on Sunday 13th will start at Lincoln’s Inn Fields in Holborn at noon before heading to Parliament. The Islington contingent meets at 11am at the old Clerkenwell fire station in Rosebery Avenue. See Islington Tribune.

Gyratory Latest

Stacks Image 229948
Work on Archway Gyratory started in earnest at the beginning of March and TfL has circulated a timetable to nearby households and businesses, which you can download here. Roads in the area will be busier than usual, particularly during peak hours, and temporary lane closures, parking and turning restrictions will be in place. Archway Tube will remain open, but there may be changes to pedestrian crossings around its entrances. Buses may be delayed or stop short of their normal destination and some stops will be temporarily suspended. There is some more information on their website, and keep an eye on our Gyratory page for developments.

Bus Consultation Results

Stacks Image 217474
The Bus Consultation is now closed; TfL say the result will be published after the Mayoral election, so sometime after 5th May. More details as we get them. Info, background and documentation on our Gyratory page.
17/2/16 | 22/2/16

Gyratory Latest

Stacks Image 217209
Work on Archway Gyratory starts in earnest on Monday 29th February, to allow completion of the gas works at the Muswell Hill Road junction. TfL is circulating a timetable to nearby households and businesses, which you can download here. We expect roads in the area to be busier than usual, particularly during peak hours, and temporary lane closures, parking and turning restrictions will be in place. Archway Tube will remain open, but there may be changes to pedestrian crossings around its entrances. Buses may be delayed or stop short of their normal destination and some stops will be temporarily suspended. There is some more information on their website, and keep an eye on our Gyratory page for developments.

Bus Consultation Extended

Stacks Image 216994
The TfL Bus Consultation has been extended until Monday 29th February, so hurry if you haven’t yet completed the survey. You can see the details of the consultation on the TfL website, which includes the survey (you can also access it directly here). Full details, background and documentation on our Gyratory page, and some useful advice on completing the survey from BAF.
17/2/16 | 22/2/16

Whittington Dismissal

Stacks Image 216964
A senior director at the Whittington Hospital has been dismissed following an investigation into a multimillion-pound NHS contract. An insider believes that the nature of the investigation suggests misappropriation of funds. See Islington Tribune article.

Gyratory Work Begins

Stacks Image 216790
Work on Archway Gyratory started on Monday 1st February, and will last approximately 18 months. TfL says that roads in and around Archway will be busier than usual, particularly during peak hours, and temporary lane closures, parking and turning restrictions will be in place. Access to Archway Tube will be retained, but there may be changes to pedestrian crossings around its entrances. Buses may be delayed or stop short of their normal destination and some stops will be temporarily suspended. There is some more information on their website. Keep an eye on our Gyratory page for developments.
29/1/16 | 1/2/16

Bus Protest

Stacks Image 206494
A demo on Saturday 6th February brought a sizeable crowd to the Archway Gyratory to protest about TfL’s bus stands and rerouting plans. See Gyratory page.

Bus Consultation

Stacks Image 206674
The TfL Bus Consultation opened on 11th January, with letters being sent out to N6 and N19 addresses. The extent of the leafletting is not known, so please let us know if you haven’t received notification. You can see the details of the consultation on the TfL website, which includes a survey (you can access it directly here). Full details, background and documentation on our Gyratory page, and some useful advice on completing the survey from BAF.

Ashmount Close Housing

Stacks Image 206524
The planning application (P2015/2913/FUL) for a housing estate on the south portion of the former Ashmount site was submitted in August, when planning officers met with the applicant to discuss outstanding issues. Download the Planning Report and Supplementary Report. It was discussed at the Committee Meeting on 19th January, where the application was approved with conditions (see Planning Applications page). More on our Ashmount Close page.

Hill House Development

Stacks Image 206554
Hill House, the larger of the blue and white office blocks in the middle of Archway, has already obtained planning permission to re-clad the block and create a second entrance from Archway Mall; they now want to add two more storeys on top. The scheme has been controversial because under government Permitted Development rules, and despite a High Court challenge by Islington Council, the development isn’t required to include socially rented or affordable flats. The application went before Islington’s planning committee on 19th January, where it was approved with conditions. See the Planning Applications page.

Bus Protest

Stacks Image 196418
While changes to the gyratory are broadly welcomed, there are many local people who believe that some of the details, notably the bus stands, U-turns and no-right turn, could have a negative impact on the area. The group n19air have organised petitions and are staging an event on Saturday 6th Feb at 9:30am outside the Charlotte Despard pub (details here), where they hope to alert the public and press to their cause. Download their press release. Enquiries:, or visit their website. If you would like to sign their petitions, you can find them here.

Sunnyside Pedestrianisation

Stacks Image 206614
Plans to pedestrianise the part of Sunnyside Road between Sunnyside Gardens and Elthorne Park will be discussed at the next Ward Partnership Meeting. Wednesday 27th January at Caxton House, St John’s Way, at 7pm. All welcome. Download flyer.

Islington Budget

Stacks Image 206584
On January 12th Islington Council revealed its budget proposals for this year. Designed to mitigate continuing central government cuts, you can download it here.

School Plan Approved

Stacks Image 32887
The planning application for the new building at Whitehall Park School went before the Planning Committee on 13th October and was approved with conditions. The reference is P2015/1089/FUL See Committee Minutes and Planning Committee Report.

There is a separate application for the housing development, P2015/2913/FUL.

Bridge Plan Approved

Stacks Image 32855
A revised design aimed at deterring suicides on Archway Bridge went to the LBI Planning Committee on 8th October, and permission was granted. See minutes (item 147). For a background on the bridge visit our Development page, and you can download the planning committee report. Haringey Council gave the plans the go ahead on 29/10/15.

Gyratory - FoI Documents

Stacks Image 32823
One of our members sent us some documents concerning the gyratory that he acquired through a freedom of information request. They should be of interest to anyone concerned about the gyratory plans, and can be found on our Gyratory Documents page.

Rat Run Petition

Stacks Image 24925
Local campaigners are asking TfL for a 7-10 second traffic light phase to facilitate a right turn at Archway gyratory, in order to prevent traffic being diverted through the WHPARA area, creating a series of rat runs, centring on Cressida and Hazellville Roads. They ask you to sign and share the petition before the bulldozers roll in. Other gyratory news on the Gyratory page.


Stacks Image 19711
A ‘SuperHome’ is one that has been refurbished with a reduced carbon footprint of around 60%, and a local resident is offering tours of hers. They are on Saturday 31st October at 2pm and 3pm and Sunday 8th November at 11am and noon. They will last about an hour - if you’re interested email saying which slot you’d like and how many you are. Find out more about SuperHomes events on their website.

CPZ ‘Victory’

Stacks Image 19776
In the face of overwhelming opposition to the proposed CPZ Islington have abandoned most of the proposals. Whitehall Park (Zone Z) hours will remain the same, as will other areas like the Angel. The area around the Whittington will most likely change to a 24 hour CPZ. The official decision was not due until January but has been brought forward because of the public response.

In Your Back Yard

Stacks Image 17119
With real estate at a premium and the relaxation of some planning regulations, developers are increasingly eager to build in back gardens and land behind existing properties. One such development, 30-32 Dresden Road, was recently refused permission, but another at 55 Whitehall Park is still to go before before the Planning Committee. Details on the Application News page.

Plans to Demolish Methodist Hall

Stacks Image 20459
Just when we thought the Methodist Hall might be developed as an arts centre and cinema, it seems that there are plans afoot for its demolition and conversion to flats. Read more from Better Archway Forum.

Hillrise Festival

Stacks Image 16535
This year’s festival, held at Caxton House and Hillside Park, was a predictably fun event. All three of our councillors, the deputy mayor and our MP joined in the fun. Review and pictures on the Events page.

Bus Stands - Open Meeting

Stacks Image 17746
Most of you will know that TfL has announced a public consultation in the autumn on the bus stand proposals relating to the abolition of the gyratory, and several people in the area have contacted us, alarmed by the possible impact of the plan. To clarify the situation WHPARA has organised an open meeting on the subject to find out what the current proposals will mean in detail, and to continue to press for changes to the TfL plan. Speakers will include Adrian Betham and Kate Calvert, who are campaigning to change TfL’s mind about the plan, and we’ve invited representatives from LBI. This is an opportunity to get better informed and make our voices heard, so please pass it on to your neighbours and come along if you can - we’re hoping for a good turnout. And if you would like to put up an A4 poster, you can download one here.

See the Gyratory page for background and more details, and members’ comments on the proposed bus stands on the Gyratory Comments page.

Hazellville Stabbing

Stacks Image 18883
Police were called to Hazellville Road shortly after 10pm on 28th July to reports of a disturbance. On arrival, officers found a 23-year-old male having suffered stab wounds to the chest. The injured man was taken to the Royal London by ambulance, where his condition was not thought to be life threatening or life changing.The incident is being investigated by officers from Islington police.

Archway Arts Centre

Stacks Image 15859
Plans are now being finalised for an arts centre in the old Methodist Hall and Cinema. Your input on this would be really valuable - give your feedback at the Better Archway Forum AGM, Wednesday 10th June, Hargrave Hall, Hargrave Road N19 5SP, 7.30pm.

Ashmount Award

Stacks Image 17800
The new Ashmount School and Bowlers Nursery have won a RIBA award. The Architects Journal says “This zero-carbon in-use, BREEAM Outstanding school and nursery draws inspiration from its site, with a scheme that carefully manipulates both its plan and cross-section to draw natural light inside, and constantly reveal views of the surrounding woodland. The combined heat and power plant is linked to neighbouring community housing and offsets the school’s carbon footprint.

At the lower level, a double-height multipurpose room opens on to the playground. Higher up, the pinwheel plan is composed of three wings of classrooms radiating out from a central circulation spine, which also contains the entrance, library and a top-lit, open-stepped auditorium. The building is clad in cedar and glass above a brick plinth, and is weathering elegantly on all facades. This is an exemplary primary school.”

The History Of Our Streets

Stacks Image 15853
Our History Walkabout was a runaway success! David Seton led some 50 people around the area, delving into its history on the way. See his review and pictures on our Events page.

Corbyn Wins Place on Ballot

Stacks Image 56853
A late surge saw Jeremy Corbyn reaching the required number of Westminster backers to join in the leadership contest. See the articles in the Guardian and the Islington Gazette.

2015 AGM

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This year’s WHPARA AGM is on Thursday 30th April, in St. Andrew’s Church. Doors open for refreshments at 7pm and the meeting will start at 7.30pm. After the business part of the meeting there will be a discussion about the future of WHPARA, so please come if you can. You can download the agenda and minutes AGMs here.

Ashmount Housing - Final Exhibiton Date

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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association, the developers of the old Ashmount Site, are now consulting with the local community in a series of exhibitions. The events will be held in the cafeteria room at Caxton House Community Centre, 129 St John’s Way on Wednesday 1st April, Wednesday 8th April and Monday 13th April, each at 4.30pm–8pm. More details are on our Ashmount page, and their website is

2015 AGM

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This year’s WHPARA AGM was on Thursday 30th April in St. Andrew’s Church. About 20 members came along, and a fruitful discussion on the future direction of the Association ensued.

Gyratory Consultation Report

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TfL have processed the responses to the recent public consultation, and have produced a report, which you can download here. They have also sent out an email, which you will find on our Gyratory page.

Hornsey Lane Bridge

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A mock-up of the anti-suicide measures was recently displayed on the bridge (see Islington Gazette). Pictures on our Development page.

The date for comments on the suicide prevention measures proposed by Haringey has passed, but Islington’s application (P2014/5019/LBC) is open for comment until 26th February. It includes a building report and heritage assessment for TfL, which you can download here.

The proposal, involving large “prison fence” style structures projecting from both sides of the Grade II Listed edifice, has provoked much local debate (see Ham & High article). The issue, which has been debated for at least ten years now, has prompted the Highgate Society to propose an alternative design (see here). The Victorian Society has made a forceful objection to the proposals, which you can download here. See also the Development page.

If you would like to comment on Islington’s planning application, you will find it here.

Stakeholder Meeting Feedback

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The meeting held on 25/2/15 included information about the development of the old Ashmount site and the proposed gyratory changes. See the Ashmount Site and Gyratory pages for a summary.

Whitehall Park School Development

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Plans are now in place to demolish the former Ashmount Primary School and build a new two-form entry primary school for up to 420 pupils on the site. There was a second public consultation at Whitehall Park School on 28/1/15, where two of the architects were on hand to provide information about the displayed plans. See the WPS websitesite. There is up-to-date information on the future of the site from our local councillors on the School page.

Archway Campus Consultation

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Peabody is at an early stage of developing ideas for the campus and wants to hear what local people think; they held an introductory public consultation event on 6th and 7th February at the Whittington Hospital Education Centre. Peabody have said that they would consider incorporating a cinema in the site; the British Film Institute is looking for a community to host a small cinema, so this could be an option. If this is something you would like to see, you could mention it to Peabody by emailing them at (See also the Development page).

Gyratory Consultation

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TfL is to make major changes to the Archway gyratory as part of their Road Modernisation Plan. The work will also radically transform Archway town centre by creating a new public space. The Public Consultation ended 14th Dec 2014, but a locally organised petition remains open as it looks likely that there will be a second consultation about the proposed bus route changes and associated issues. Details of all this and the relevant links are on our dedicated Gyratory page, or you can link directly to the petition here.

Thos Bros Development Turned Down

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The unpopular plan to develop the former Thomas Brothers into a four-storey residential block with retail outlets on the ground floor (P2014/3815/FUL) was turned down by Islington Council on Tuesday, according to the Islington Gazette.

Plan Archway Survey & Drop-In

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Plan Archway, which is working towards creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Archway, has released the results of its recent online survey. They are holding a central drop-in event to give everyone a chance to discuss the ideas. Thursday 12th March 4-8pm, Archway Methodist Hall. Details here.
Articles Prior to 2014

ASAG Judicial Review

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ASAG sought permission for a Judicial Review to challenge the decision to divide the old Ashmount site and build houses on half of it. On 17th December a hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice denied that permission. Full details on the Ashmount Site page.

Local Pharmacies - Have Your Say

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Islington’s Health and Wellbeing Board is consulting on the draft 2015 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA). The document sets out what services are currently offered, and assesses whether these meet Islington residents’ current and future needs. The consultation seeks to ensure the accuracy of the information presented and that the conclusions are appropriate. See their website or go to the survey.

Hill House Development

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The planning application for the development of Hill House was approved with conditions on 19th November. You can see the details of the planning application here.

ASAG Public Meeting

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ASAG are holding a public meeting to discuss the division of the Ashmount site now that WPS has opened. Wednesday 19 November, 7pm, Hornsey Lane Estate Community Centre. View info.

All Change at Waterlow Park?

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Central government cuts to council budgets mean money for parks is being cut drastically over the next few years. To protect Waterlow Park, Camden has been working with Park stakeholders to devise new management and funding arrangements. More on the Friends of Waterlow Park website.

Arthouse For Archway?

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Owners of the Arthouse Cinema in Crouch End have applied for permission to open a cinema in Archway. Read more...

WHPARA Charity Concert

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The Charity Concert on Friday 21st November was a great success, raising £570 for the Cold Weather Night Shelter. More on the Events page.

Whitehall Park School Site Public Consultation

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Whitehall Park School invites you to a Public Consultation Drop-In Session to learn more about proposals for the development of Whitehall Park School. It will take place on Thursday 13th November from 4-7pm at Whitehall Park School, Ashmount Road. More details on the School page or their website.

Antisocial Behaviour

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A new tool called the Community Trigger, designed to protect victims of antisocial behaviour, launched on 20 October. It will enable them to request a review if they believe that no action has been taken in response to their reports. More details here.

The Rosse Caffe

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Run by Daniella on the site of the old Mum Made in Cressida Road, a new Italian café that’s certainly worth a visit. Please send feedback!

Thos Bros Demolition

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Plans are afoot to demolish the building that was, until recently, home to Thomas Brothers. The four storey structure that will replace it is to have retail outlets on the ground floor with residential on the remaining three floors. The planning application number is P2014/2101/FUL and you have until 17th July to comment or object.

Plan Archway Survey

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Plan Archway are running an online survey to ask people what they do and don’t like about Archway in order to gauge the most important issues. Please take a few minutes to complete it, and encourage your local contacts to do the same. They’ll be using the results to pick the key themes to discuss in focus groups. Go to survey. (If the survey page doesn’t load, clear the Survey Monkey cookies in your browser).

Boris Bans Budget Poster

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By 2016 national government will have halved Islington’s funding compared to 2010 levels, meaning much less money for essential services. A poster on the subject produced by the Labour Party was banned by Boris Johnson, but you can see it here. To find out more about the Council budget see the Islington website.

Pollution Petition

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It’s recently been revealed that Oxford Street has the highest levels of the toxic pollutant nitrogen dioxide in Europe, mostly produced by buses and taxis. Only 20% of diesel buses have been taken off the road so far, and a petition calling on Boris Johnson to clean up his act can be found here.

Does It Bode Well?

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A new company, Bode, created to develop Hill House and Archway Mall, is opening a new ‘community hub’ to mark the start of its work to bring the area “back to life”. It’s in the former FADS shop in the Mall and from July 8th it should be open for drop-ins. More details on their poster.

There is some information about the Hill House development here and a consultation document here.

WPS Update

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Planning permission has been approved for the establishment of Whitehall Park School’s temporary classrooms and the EFA has decided in favour of splitting the existing site, half to be developed by LBI for housing. The school will open in September and construction of temporary classrooms will begin soon. You can see the planning application here and the WPS press release and a message from our Councillors on the School page.

School Places

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As you probably know, Bellevue has been given the go-ahead to open Whitehall Park School in September 2014 and recently Islington allocated its own places. An explanation for any disappointed parents can be found on our Forum page.

Apparently the Council still intends to retain half of the site for housing - their proposals can be downloaded here and details are on the School page.The Lib Dems oppose the division of the site and have organised a petition to save it, which you can sign here.

Archway Tower Redevelopment

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The owners of Archway Tower are refusing to improve the wind blight at the side and the back of the building and Better Archway Forum are urging people to complain to the inspectorate. Final comments by 30th June. Click here for details.

Islington in Bloom

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Islington in Bloom is our local horticultural competition and is now open for entries. There are categories for residents, schools, businesses and community groups to enter, with prizes sponsored by local organisations and businesses. The deadline for entries has been extended to midnight 1st June 2014. Details here.

Scam Awareness Month

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May is Scam Awareness Month and Islington Council is calling on people to be on the lookout for any website, letter, doorstep seller or phone call offering something that sounds too good to be true – because it might very well be. Visit their website to find out more.

Gyratory To Go

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For years local people have been campaigning for the gyratory to be scrapped and finally the Mayor has given the green light for its transformation. According to Islington Council around £7m will be available for the project. See the Islington Tribune for more.

Paving Success

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We finally managed to get the Council to move on a broken paving slab that had been that way for over two years, but there are still many more examples of inconvenient and dangerous paving in the area.

Meet the Vicar

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New St. Andrew’s vicar Steve Clarke would like to invite everyone in the local area to a special service on Saturday 17th May at 2.30pm. More details here.

Save The Slide

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The campaign to save Islington’s longest slide, destined for the scrapyard when Archway Park gets its makeover, is gaining momentum. More details here, article in the Tribune or follow the campaign at #SaveTheSlide. Local Councillor and WHPARA member Greg Foxsmith has two sons (Adam and Daniel, aged 10 and 6), who are presenting a petition to Islington Council. They urge you to sign it!

2014 AGM

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We’re holding this year’s WHPARA AGM on Thursday 3rd April in St. Andrew’s Church. Doors open for drinks and nibbles at 7pm and the meeting will start at 7.30pm. All our members will already have received notification and you can find minutes to last year’s AGM, the WHPARA constitution and other relevant stuff on the Downloads page.

Local Elections

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The combined poll for the full Local Council elections and the European Parliamentary elections will be held on 22 May 2014. All 48 Islington Council seats are up for election across the 16 wards in the borough. To see who’s standing for election in Hillrise Ward click here.

Archway Gyratory To Go

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For years local people have been campaigning for the gyratory to be scrapped and finally the Mayor has given the green light for its transformation. According to Islington Council around £7m will be available for the project. See the Islington Tribune for more.

Standing Room Only

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The public meeting on 6th March, organised by ASAG to discuss the LBI plans to divide the old Ashmount site, was a packed occasion. Find out what happened on the School page and the article in the Tribune.

“Frightening Future” for Whittington

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Dr Yi Mien Koh, who has been in charge since March 2011, says she will step down at the end of the month after taking Whittington Health, the trust that runs the hospital, “as far as she can”, according to an article in the Gazette.

Eating Out

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A new restaurant, Trattoria Terra, opened in January, replacing Milou’s. Our secretary Carl Quilliam tells us it is excellent. Details in Places.

Sunnyside Appeal

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Sunnyside Gardens are seeking new committee members, particularly a treasurer. Their AGM is on March 10th. More details on their website.

Python In Ashmount School

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‘Absolutely Anything’, a feature film written and directed by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, is being filmed locally. The team have moved into the old Ashmount site, which they will be using both as production base and film location. Filming starts on March 24th and will include scenes outside Whitehall Wines. More details in their letter to residents and on IMDb.

LBI Playground Plans

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Islington Council now intends to retain half of the old Ashmount site for housing use once Whitehall Park School is established. The proposals can be downloaded here. Several of you have sent emails expressing concern at the news, some of which are on the Forum page. More details on the playground plans are on the School page.

LBI Loses Challenge

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Islington Council, who were leading the legal challenge to the General Permitted Development Order – the relaxation of planning laws that allows office space to be changed to residential without council approval – has lost the case. Read more in the Gazette.

School Site Squatted

While the pro and anti free-school factions slug it out, squatters move into the old Ashmount School buildings. See the Ashmount page for the ongoing story.

WHPARA Air Quality Day

A group of volunteers met on September 7th in Mum Made to distribute air pollution diffusion tubes around the area and met there again to collect them there on 12th October. Watch this space for further info.

Theatre For Archway

A former bomb factory is to be transformed into Archway’s first ever theatre.The proposed 350-seat multi-purpose theatre will be built by The Cogan Academy of Dramatic Arts in Elthorne Road.

Plan Archway

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Progress is being made, funding has been received and PA will be applying for designation early this year, preceded by a Launch Meeting on Tuesday 21st January. Details on their website.

Plan Archway

You probably know that recent legislation gives people more power to influence the development of their local community by setting up Neighbourhood Forums. A group of people is currently setting up the Archway Neighbourhood Forum and need to involve as many local people as possible in its development. If you live or work in the Archway area this is your chance to make your views known and to make a real difference to your community.