The planning application number for the housing development is P2015/2913/FUL
For information about the housing development, go to the Ashmount Close page.
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Since the site was designated for use as a Free School, LBI announced plans to retain roughly half of the site, what used to be the playground, for housing use. The plans can be seen here. Below is a history of the development and the sometimes heated debate.
As you will know, Ashmount School moved premises in 2012 from its long-time home on Hornsey Lane to what was the Crouch Hill Recreation Centre site. It was a move long in the planning and Islington Council intended to sell the site so that it could be developed for housing. However, bids were put in to set up a free school on the site and the EFA deemed that the site should remain in educational use; Bellevue, an educational trust, got the go ahead. The long saga has divided local opinion, which has at times been quite vociferous, and the debate between the pro- and anti- free school factions still continues.

Below is an account of the dialogue between the interested parties. Stands have been taken, statistics produced, many of them contradictory, but opinions have been expressed and much useful and interesting information generated over the years, which we present here for your edification.

Articles from third parties are presented as received and do not necessarily reflect views held by WHPARA. They are in reverse chronological order, i.e. most recent first.
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